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I am a licensed Pennsylvania Real Estate agent and practice under the brokerage of Higgins & Welch Real Estate, Inc a long-time local business with more than 40 years of experience offering sales, appraisals and property management. Edward A. Welch, III is the broker or record and certified appraiser.

I first met Ed in 2005 in a real estate transaction in Fairmount.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I would be happy to assist you with any real estate endeavors you may have. If you need a realtor, please let know.

Mark Zwick
Higgins & Welch Real Estate, Inc
215-247-5000 (office)
215-627-2848 (direct)
215-519-9482 (cell)

Articles First Time Buyers

Is Your Home in Tip-Top Shape for Sale? View Details
Date: 5/14/2010    Source: Realty Times
Preparing For Home Showings View Details
Date: 5/4/2010    Source: Realty Times
10 Tips to Sell a Listing Faster View Details
Date: 1/19/2009
Top ways to boost curb appeal View Details
Date: 9/26/2008    Source: InMan News
When remodeling to sell, start small and pick projects wisely View Details
Date: 1/12/2008    Source: MarketWatch
Best way to fix popping nails View Details
Date: 1/1/2008    Source: RealtyTimes
Should I Take My Home Off The Market During The Holidays? View Details
Date: 12/12/2007    Source: RealtyTimes
UPenn - Future Plans for their USPS 30th Street Station Acquisition View Details
Date: 11/11/2007
Philadelphia Housing Report View Details
Date: 11/11/2007
Six ways to save on homeowners insurance View Details
Date: 9/28/2007    Source: InMan News
Don't stay a renter forever View Details
Date: 7/11/2007    Source: Inman News
Top Ten Things to Look For In A Realtor View Details
Date: 6/13/2007    Source: Realty Times
Sell Your Home for More Money View Details
Date: 3/26/2007    Source: Realty Times
Mortgage Insurance Fees to be Deductible View Details
Date: 12/12/2006    Source: Realty Times
Increasing Your Curb Appeal View Details
Date: 11/19/2006    Source: Realty Times
Home staging takes listing from drab to fab View Details
Date: 11/13/2006    Source: Inman News
Homeowner's insurance: What you need to know View Details
Date: 10/30/2006    Source: Inman News
Buy worst house in good neighborhood for big profits View Details
Date: 10/27/2006    Source: Inman News
Selling a home? Ever Heard of Value Range Marketing View Details
Date: 10/26/2006    Source: Inman News
How Much is Too Much to Fix up Your House? View Details
Date: 10/25/2006    Source: Realty Times
Home Appeal for Today's Market View Details
Date: 10/17/2006    Source: Realty Times
Home buyers: 5 costly mistakes to avoid View Details
Date: 10/13/2006    Source: Inman News
Your fall home-maintenance checklist View Details
Date: 10/13/2006    Source: Inman News
Tips for maximizing bathroom remodel View Details
Date: 10/12/2006    Source: Inman News
Why It is important to disclose everything when selling a home! View Details
Date: 8/21/2006    Source: Realty Times
Estate and Mortgage Tax Article View Details
Date: 7/21/2006    Source: Realty Times
Radon Testing View Details
Date: 6/22/2006    Source: Realty Times
Explanation of Title Endorsements View Details
Date: 6/22/2006
A Dozen Ways To Make Your Home Show Better View Details
Date: 6/20/2006    Source: HomeStore
5 Tax Myths of Home Ownership View Details
Date: 6/15/2006    Source: Yahoo Finance
Why Housing Bubble is Not a Bubble View Details
Date: 5/15/2006    Source: Business Week
Remodeling Tips to Enhance Resale Value View Details
Date: 5/9/2006    Source: Realty Times
Understanding Mortgage Rates, Points, and Fees View Details
Date: 4/4/2006    Source: Realty Times
Tax Information for home owners View Details
Date: 2/3/2006    Source: Realty Times
Top 10 Tax Breaks from Home Ownership View Details
Date: 1/10/2006    Source: Realty Times
Homes are actually Cheaper today than EVER View Details
Date: 12/29/2005    Source: NY Times
Center City Renaissance View Details
Date: 12/27/2005    Source: Philadelphia Inquirer
Capital Gains Refresher View Details
Date: 12/22/2005    Source: Realty Times
Winter is the time to Buy - Read the last paragraph View Details
Date: 11/30/2005    Source: Realty Times
Center City Projections - Looking Good!!! View Details
Date: 11/27/2005    Source: Philadelphia Inquirer
Philly is Hot according to USA Today View Details
Date: 11/11/2005    Source: USA Today
Good Read if Buying a Condo View Details
Date: 11/7/2005    Source: Realty Times
Condo-buying Shows no Letup View Details
Date: 10/11/2005    Source: The Philadelphia Daily News
Study: Growth in Center City Likely to Persist View Details
Date: 10/11/2005    Source: The Philadelphia Inquirer
Rent vs. Own View Details
Date: 10/5/2005    Source: Realty Times
If You Have or Will be Paying POINTS on your Mortgagte, You Must Read this. IRS info View Details
Date: 9/18/2005    Source: Realty Times
Rents Heading Up View Details
Date: 8/30/2005    Source: NY Times
Home Not Selling? Try something besides lowering the price View Details
Date: 8/26/2005    Source: Realty Times
Housing Bubble to Burst? View Details
Date: 8/16/2005    Source: Townhall.org
America's Riskiest Real Estate - Philly is looking OK. View Details
Date: 8/10/2005    Source: CNN
No cooling the housing market yet View Details
Date: 7/25/2005    Source: CNN
1031 Exchanges View Details
Date: 7/19/2005    Source: Realty Times
Good Reading for Landlords View Details
Date: 7/18/2005    Source: Realty Times
If You Are Buying Real Estate With a Friend View Details
Date: 7/4/2005    Source: Realty Times
Another Interest Only Editorial View Details
Date: 6/22/2005    Source: Realty Times
Steps to Close a House Sale Outline View Details
Date: 6/17/2005    Source: Realty Times
Interest Only Mortgage Editorial View Details
Date: 6/16/2005    Source: Philadelphia Inquirer
Global Housing Boom View Details
Date: 6/16/2005    Source: The Economist
How to Calculate a Home's Square Footage View Details
Date: 6/7/2005    Source: Realty Times
New federal Study Reports Average U.S. Home Jumped 12.5 Percent in Value Last Year View Details
Date: 6/6/2005    Source: Realty Times
Will the Housing Bubble Burst? View Details
Date: 6/1/2005    Source: Realty Times
Appraisal Fraud: Your Home at Risk? View Details
Date: 5/23/2005    Source: CNN
Changing Skyline | As high-rises spring up, is it a boom or a boomerang? View Details
Date: 5/20/2005    Source: Philadelphia Inquirer
Mortgage Rates Stay Below Six Percent For Sixth Consecutive Week View Details
Date: 5/13/2005    Source: Realty Times
New Home Sales up 12% View Details
Date: 4/26/2005    Source: CNNMoney
Housing starts slide 18% View Details
Date: 4/19/2005    Source: CNN/Money
What it Title Insurance??? View Details
Date: 4/11/2005    Source: Realty Times
What is a Fixture??? View Details
Date: 4/11/2005    Source: Realty Times
Philly Home Values up 71% on average over past 5 years. Predicting 11.4% in 2005 View Details
Date: 4/6/2005    Source: CNN/Money
New Leading Indicator "Pending Sales" Shows Upward Movement View Details
Date: 4/5/2005    Source: Realty Times
Tax Liens Provide Safe Real Estate Investing Option View Details
Date: 4/1/2005    Source: Realty Times
Existing-Home Sales Slip in February, Says NAR, But Prices Rise View Details
Date: 3/25/2005    Source: Realty Times
Rental Market Rising Supports Real Estate Investing View Details
Date: 3/25/2005    Source: Realty Times
Rates May Cool, but Not Crush Housing Market View Details
Date: 3/24/2005    Source: Associated Press
Risk Index Indicates a Decline in Probability of Average Home Price Depreciation View Details
Date: 2/24/2005    Source: Morningstar.com

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