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Date: 11/6/2015
Title: Philly News (11-6-15)

I hope everyone had a good Halloween weekend and survived this week - at least you could not have been upset by an Eagles loss or a Cowboys/Giants/Skins win.  I spent my Halloween with a couple of nights in Vegas (saw Trey from Phish) and made it to see the Dead (with John Mayer and without Phil Lesh) at Madiston Square Garden.  Also made it to the Dead show in Philly last night which I think was another crowd pleaser.

This week Eagles are facing the Cowboys on Sunday night - if anyone has any good plans in town for the game, please keep me in mind.  At 3-4, we still have a chance as Kelly's off season moves really helped our defense (LB depth, secondary better) and hopefully our WRs can learn to hold on to the balls thrown to them and the offensive lline continues to improve.  Saw this article on our off season departures - shows Chip overall did a good job and letting people move on.

Here is one of Philadelphiha's issues and I do not care about Selena Gomez per se - we get skipped by too many concert tours.  They go to NYC, DC, and even AC or Allentown and will skip us.  Drives me crazy.

Will save my real estate update but I will throw this out there.  Does anyone out there watch Property Brothers or some other fix up TV shows?  Have you ever thought about byuing a fixer upper and making it all happen?  i ask because this is essentially what I have been focused on doing for the past TEN years - mostly for my own projects/properties.  I would be happy to take on some clients that would like to go in this direction as your Realtor/advisor.  - Mark




Headline: Nutter rips city commissioner he supported for office

My Isse: What is wrong with our political system when the Mayor can blast an elected official for not doing their job and then vote for that person simply because of their political party?  This sums up so much of what is wrong with our elected officials.  

Feedback?  If you have any that you want to share with me, I am all for hearing it.  - Mark



A) 76ers - Embid Article

B) Camden Riversharks ending operations

C)  ESPN ranked all 122 major pro league franchises. The Phillies came in 118th ( The Eagles came in at 79, followed by the Flyers at 81, and the 76ers at 98)





A) Philadelphia rankes 15 (out of 18 cities) for places to save money 

B) Philly’s Millennial Population Growing Fastest Among 10 Largest U.S. Cities (It’s up 41 percent since 2006.)

C) New Manayunk Bridge trail unites Philly & Lower Merion

D) First of 600 new digital bus shelters en route to Philly

E) 20 Local Native American Place Names and What They Mean



A) Free (ONE TIME) Parking in Center City



A) A High For Housing



A) PA Lawmakers Recommend Non-Smokable MMJ, 14 Conditions

B)  New Jersey Gets Fifth Dispensary

C)  Protein Beer


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