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Date: 7/10/2015
Title: Philly News (7-10-15)

Looks like a beautiful beach forecast for the weekend.  Looking forward to heading down as I have not been down in many weeks - was in Chicago for the Grateful Dead shows this past weekend (and my 1st Wrigley game) and in San Francisco the previous weekend for the Dead shows as well.  Definitely was two great weekends.  I have included downloads to the shows below if anyone is interested.  Besides those concerts, I have been busy with other shows: Bette Midler (review), Taylor Swift (review) Paul McCartney (review), and Kid rock.   I agree with the reviews and to my suprise, I enjoyed the Taylor show the least - was just too slow. For her fans, check out this video of her as a youngster singing the anthem at the 76ers.  I think Foo Fighters on Monday is next up for me.

In between concerts, I promise I have been very busy with my real estate efforts.  Will share some information on some projects I have underway in the coming weeks.  As always, always looking for financial partners/investors....

And in case you have an idea and did not know: Shark Tank Casting Call in Philly This Weekend 

Lastly, I thought the Lily drone this was great for $599.  Maybe you want to see me skiing?  :)    - Mark



A) Tolls on NJ-Pa. bridges to drop For Commuters

B) Pa. Turnpike tolls to rise by 6 percent



A) Made In America 2015 lineup: Beyonce and The Weeknd to headline



A) New PATCO schedule starts Sunday

B) New SEPTA schedules


A) Phillies fans have second worst grammar in MLB

B) GAME ON: Hockey team leaves Texas for Phila. burbs



A) Huffington Post: 21 Ways Philadelphia is the Coolest City in America

B) Philly Is Getting an 8.5% Airbnb Tax

C) APPLE LOVES PHILLY: Latest iOS offers Philly-centric feature

D) EXCLUSIVE: New app for Center City drivers (valet parking)

E) Bon Appétit magazine says Pizzeria Beddia has the best pizza in America 



A) Delaware's First Dispensary Set for June 26 Opening

B) The price of a liquor license is soaring

C) Men, stop drinking beer and start rubbing it on your face

D) Second MMJ Bill Introduced in PA Legislature


REAL ESTATE  (sponsored by your favorite Realtor, me)

A)  HOW MUCH? Center City building sale sets new high water mark

B) $280M Center City hotel's construction underway

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