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Date: 2/27/2015
Title: Philly News (2-27-15)

This edition is coming to you from Chicago in between flights.  On my way to meet our www.PhillyTrips.com group in Telluride where they are expecting multiple feet this weekend so my fingers are crossed.  

I am happy to get away as the cold weather has really hurt my bank account with heaters and water pipes breaking due to the chill.  Here is a story (one of many) that I read about Temple University's water issues that touched closed to home for me with my properties.  Consider this:  According to Weather Underground, the Weather Channel’s forecast history website, the average temperature from Feb. 15–21 has been 17 degrees  (HEATERS and PIPES).  One of my tenants had a very high electric heating bill this month.  Consider this: Average temperature in January, 31 degrees. December was 41 degrees.

It was announced this week that Pat Burrell was selected to be in the Phillies Wall of Fame.  Hard to believe....I remember back in 2003 when I saw Pat out smoking and drinking at Irish Pub with some ladies one night when he was batting under .200.   He finished at .209


And speaking of baseball, SF Giants manager Bochy had a heart issue.  A quick note to all that have good health insurance to get yourself checked out.  This past year, I had a stress test done and it showed a blockage in my heart  An east procedure to put in a stent and all is well.  If it was not done, I would have definitely had a severe heart attack.  Get yourself checked out.... - Mark



A) Exclusive: Third Comcast skyscraper possibly in the works as Center City block bought piece-by-piece

B)  Insane Surge in Philadelphia Gentrification (SNL video in link is pretty good)

C) Exclusive: Developers sought for Festival Pier waterfront site (bye bye concert venue?)

D) Philadelphia-area homes selling at fastest pace in three years

E) Center City District: Housing boom continues



A)  Philadelphia Finally Gets a Veterans Parade

B) Pennsylvania's gas production breaks record, hits 4 trillion cubic feet mark

C)  Reading, Philadelphia, Trenton Among Cities Where No One Wants to Drive

D) Philly Has Two of the Best New Restaurants in the U.S (According to GQ’s Alan Richman)



A) ESPN: NBA The 76ers' plan to win (yes, really)

B) Upgraded free WiFi debuts at Wells Fargo Center

C) Runners: Worth $200 to improve your form?



A) Spirit Airlines adds flights from PHL

B) Frontier Airlines adds two more flights from PHL Airport


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