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Date: 1/22/2015
Title: Philly News (1-9-15) sponsored by Winterfest Live! 2015

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday period.  I spent new years in Miami.  It has been about 10 years since I was there last and I do not recall the homeless issue they have there - not only around downtown but also in South Beach.  I have always thought that it makes more sense to be homeless in a warm climate versus a place in the northeast.  Four nights of Phish at American Airlines Arena brought me to Miami.  For those thinking how could you see the same band four nights in a row....they performed 9 sets over the four nights without one song repeated.  I have not watched their 12/31 midnight celebration again yet but if you want to see it, click here.  After the 12/31 Phish show, I went to the infamous Club Space, arriving around 4AM.  Space is the late night option when the bars/clubs in Miami shut down around 4AM.  People were paying $135 to get in at 4AM (they are open until 10AM).  The place was a big let down for me personally.  Drinks were $29 for a beer and a mixed drink and although Marcus Schultz was DJing (or is it called spinning?), the place's atmosphere was awful.  Marcus played after a Phillies game at the CBP this summer and he had some fun video screens to go along with the music.  At Space, it was just him with a very weak light show.  I found it to be boring and the layout of the club to be poor.  On top of that, the music was super obnoxiously LOUD.  If you wanted to talk to your friends, it was easiar to type on your cell phone and let the person read it than actually speaking.

In Miami, I could barely tell it was the Christmas/NYE season.....Missed one of my favorite days in Philly, Mummers Day.  For those that do not know about Two Street on new years day, I found this video of our PhL style Bourbon Street once a year.

As you can see here, Frontier is expanding at PHL.  I took a Frontier flight from Trenton airport to Florida.  West Trenton SEPTA train to a quick cab to the airport - total cost around $23.  Was pretty easy for anyone thinking about flying out of that airport.

I AM PLANNING TO HEAD TO NY TO SKI ON MONDAY/TUESDAY.  ANYONE WANT TO JOIN ME?  Easy drive and free place to stay along with cheap midweek lift tickets.

For those interested in the cannabis industry, I recently discovered a great newsletter that you might want to subscribe to: http://mmjbusinessdaily.com/

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned Temple hoops might be our best bet for some playoff excitement around Philly.  They have won 7 in a row.  Some people commented that I forgot about Nova hoops who are on a good path it seems as well.

If anyone has any nieces, nephews, or friends with children attending Temple University, please consider passing along my information to them.  TempleAreaRentals.com.  Will be having some vacancies coming up this summer that I could use help filling.

And Lastly, I read about a new construction projects starting at 22nd and Walnut ($2.25 million).  Anyone know someone looking for a high end, fat new Rittenhouse pad in town?  Some details: Gated Community, 4 bedrooms 4 full and 2 half baths, 5,000 Square Feet, 2 car garage.  Available end of 2015  - Mark


A) New Tax Adds 10 Cents to Gasoline Price

B) Pennsylvania Turnpike Tolls Going Up — Again

C) 3 local spots make list of top-grossing restaurants, and they’re all Stephen Starr’s

D)  The city closed 2014 with a record 76 percent hotel occupancy — the highest it's been in 65 years.


A)  Philly Bike Share Program Aims For Low-Cost Access  (This is going to be great - MZ)

B)  Philadelphia to host Forbes’ Under 30 Summit for foreseeable future

C)  Rodin Museum in Philly closing to create new installation

D) New lights shine over Market East

E) PA among the lowest in the nation in alcohol-poisoning death rates



A) Penn State Rated 2nd 'Most Fun' College in America; Lehigh, Bucknell in Top 20

B) Temple U: Local college has No. 1 online MBA in nation


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