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Date: 12/29/2014
Title: Philly News

I am up in New York getting some skiing in today (Hunter) and yesterday (Windham) despite the conditions not all that strong.   I wish I could get more people to join me on these trips.  Maybe you want to join us in Vermont (Jan 23-25).  We might be adding a 3rd bus but you can always drive up on your own as well.  Or maybe you can come out to Telluride, CO in March?

Christmas (1st US Xmas tree history) is behind us as is our Eagles football season.  Up next is New Years with the revised Mummers Day festivities.   I will be in Miami for new years - anyone else?  

Last week we saw some of the awfulness of the world when two police officers were assassinated.  I learned about this charity for fallen police officers and wanted to share it: www.silvershieldfoundation.org.  It was actually started by George Steinbrenner.

Eagles let us down, and our Phillies are rebuilding as are our 76ers.  Flyers have stepped up their play recently but it seems the best chance we have for a winner locally might be Temple's men's basketball team.  Last week they upset Kansas.  It seems the team which has been mediocre before the big win, was able to activate two guards that became eligible for the 2nd semester which played a big role in the win and possibly TU's rise.  

Not sure how many people listened to Blind Melon (they fell apart when their lead singer passed away).  I just learned, their guitarist is a local attorney.

In case you missed it, Jimmy Rollins officially said his goodbye in the paper.  BTW, the Phillies are offering 2 tickets to a home game in 2015 when you join their fan club for $25.  Half the games are blacked out but if you see some dates you like, it seems like it could be a good deal.

Lastly, I saw a building for sale at 15th and Lombard with an office on the first floor and apartments above it.  Anyone looking to open an office in town and want to offset some office costs with rental income?

Not much to report in the news.   The news around our city seems quiet during the holiday weeks it seems.

Happy New Year!  - Mark



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