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Date: 11/14/2014
Title: Philly News (11-14-14)

Hope everyone had a fun Halloween - I spent mine in Vegas seeing Phish,  Also hope everyone is enjoying our Eagles high as we might need the sniffing salts to make it through Sunday's GB game .  If we can win that game, I believe it would be fair to say we are Super Bowl contenders.  We do have some major injuries (Demeco Ryans) but all times have them by now.  I felt that Foles was a QB we could win with, as I do Sanchez, but neither QB is the one that Chip would ideally like to see running the show. 20 years ago we were 7-2 - check out what happened then.

Our beloved city of Philadelphia keeps life interesting for that that are following our city politics (PGW and Uber) - both of which I have some commentary on below.  I seem to be getting more politically opinionated each year as I focus on growing my business in Philly as well as my ties to the area.

One of the most interesting articles I read this week was an editorical from ex-State Senator Vincent Fumo (who is also an ex-con) regarding our panhandlers.  He concluded his piece by writing "Please do not attempt assuage your guilt by giving them the money they beg for. That only makes the problem worse. Instead, tell them to "come in" from the cold to a shelter and back to life."  His words might be controversial but some that I agree with completely.  With our homeless popoulation now expanding to more street lights (22nd and Walnut as an example) and sidewalks, providing $1 to that person does not help them or society in the long term.  What helps them is securing them real assistance (mental health counseling, housing, medical care, etc...).  I wish we had a strong Mayor that could act on it as I believe it not only helps the people themselves but also creates a better living atmosphere for residents as well as a better product for our tourists which so many people count on for their livlihood.  For those that agree and want to help, I stumbled upon a local charity that can help those people that seem to need it most: http://makerealchange.org/

I am including some other commentary next to some articles for those interested.  Did not realize there were so many items after skipping last week so I will try to send out weekly which will make it a shorter read for those interested. - Mark



1) UberX in PA but not Philly

2) Why utility bureaucrats regulate taxis in Pennsylvania

3)  Philly cab driver interview

B)  PGW Sale Killed by City Council (I do not know if this is good or bad for the city but having an open, public dialougue sure seems appropriate.  Each side has put out position bullet points on why the other is wrong this week.  I took a look at how many council members have a background in massive transactions like a PGW sale and none do and i believe a  bit more than 1/2 have college degrees in history, education, or law (not biz).  Maybe their advisors are area experts but I doubt it - the city's own advisors are saying rates will increase more if kept as a city owned agency than if in private hands. - MZ)

C) Corbett says Paterno wrongfully fired


A)   Allen Iverson jokes he couldn't coach because his team wouldn't practice

B)  Dr. J punches Larry Bird (30 years ago)


A) Philly Music History: Philadelphia International Records Says Goodbye


A) Jenna Bush Hager and Natalie Morales Scared Out of Their Minds at Terror Behind the Walls (NBC Today Show)

B) WATCH: 12-Year-Old Taylor Swift Singing the National Anthem

C) Mural Arts' Jane Golden on CNBC's Squawk Box

Drexel U. Is Pa.'s Most Expensive Room & Board

B) List ranks Penn No. 1 for billionaires 


A) Reading Terminal Market launches delivery service with Instacart

B) Public House becomes City Tap House on Logan Square 

C) Better traffic-light system for Center City

D) Philadelphia 33rd Among Metros with Fastest-growing Youth Population

E) Three Philadelphia Wedding Venues Among Country’s Best

G) National Constitution Center to Display Rare Founding Document

H) United Leaving Atlantic City Airport After Just 7 Months

I) Economic Impact: The PHS pop-up brought more than 50,000 people to South Street West

J)  Northeast Corridor planners to outline rail options for the public 

REAL ESTATE (sponsored by your favorite newsletter provided Real Estate Agent, Mark Zwick)

A) Thriving University City is key to city's growth

B) Living with roommates, parents way up in Philadelphia area

C) A booming $1 million-plus market for homes in Philly

D) Glass Tower Starts Construction at 20th and Market

E) Camden, N.J., Among 10 Most Undervalued Real Estate Markets

F) The Most Dangerous Cities in America (Philly not listed in top 10!)

G) 14 development projects that will transform Philadelphia (missed the Amtrak railyards that will be developed that will move center city Philly from Rittenhouse to 30th Street Station - MZ)

H)  City For Families? Millennial Parents Say So


A) Lane splitting (Never have seen an article about this.  It is something I do as a rider and believe should be legal)

B) The next wave in Harley Davidsons? 


A) Improved Marijuana reform laws coming from Congress?

B) War On Drugs Loses Another Big Battle in elections (DC and Oregon legalized marijuana - rumor has it NYC is discussing decriminalization like Philly did)

C) Smoking device lets you smoke and drink at same time



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