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Date: 10/10/2014
Title: Philly News

For those around tomorrow, there is a good outdoor day drinking on South Street west: Bloktoberfest.

For those that did not attend Neil Young's one man acoustic shows at the Acamedy of Music, here is the set list (same show both nights).

And for those thinking about ways for Philly to have growth as a city, i think this article on the Philadelphia as an national Energy Hub is an interesting read




A) UPenn Tops Playboy's List of Top Party Schools (No way.....)

B) University of Pennsylvania tops 'billionaire alumni' list (no shocker there)

C)  UPenn Places 16th in World University Rankings; Princeton at No.7


A) Keith Olbermann Calls the Flyers “About As Sexist As Sports Can Get” (4 of the 14 ice attendants opening night were females)

B) WATCH: John Oliver Criticizes Philly Forfeiture Practices (11:30 Philly mention)

C) CNN video : Civil Forfeiture in Philly 


A) CITY HALL: Kenney Wants Council to Consider Uber-Style Ride Sharing in Philly

B) HARRISBURG: Medical Marijuana Stalled for Now (Watch this video and tell me you think it should not be legal medicine - if it was the Govenor or legislator's child, i bet they would get this done) 

C) HARRISBURG: Fattah nonprofits paid millions to ex-staffers (This is how our federal tax dollars are being spent through ear marks)


A) Conshohocken: From steel town to youthful boomtown

B) Rittenhouse Square Makes List Of Most Expensive U.S. Neighborhoods For Renters

C) Philadelphia's new boardwalk (cost $18 million)

D) Is Philadelphia in a Housing Bubble?  (it is all about jobs....if they do not exist, people will not fill these high end units being built all over.  During the day, there is a max exodus by city dwellers to the suburbs for jobs currently.)

D) Avalon #181, Stone Harbor #190


A)  76ers new logo?

B) Temple U: Kicker on Denver Broncos Roster

C) WATCH: Brian Dawkinsson lays big hit in high-school game

D) New menu items at Wells Fargo Center for Flyers and Sixers games

E) Eagles wear Black for the first time ever this SUNDAY



A) Avance restaurant to close this weekend

B) Exclusive: Under Armour to set up shop on Walnut Street in Center City

C) SEPTA Confirms That You Love 24/7 Weekend Subway Service


 A) Delaware’s Annual Punkin Chunkin Canceled This Year




A) Movie Trailer: "Higher" by Jeremy Jones


PHILADELPHIA FLYERS:  The team sponsored a name-the-team contest after Ed Snider, then-vice president of the Philadelphia Eagles, brought hockey back to the City of Brotherly Love in 1966. Snider's sister, Phyllis, reportedly suggested the name Flyers, which sounds good when paired with Philadelphia but doesn't have any real meaning.


FLYERS TICKETS FOR SALE ::  Section 119 row 15 behind the goal.

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