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Date: 10/3/2014
Title: 38 Items (10-3-14)
After much thought and a long vacation from the last newsletter, I have decided to make a change to the concept of the newsletter.  
With much of the list continuing to age and many evolving as parents, the idea of the events listing does not seem to make as much sense anymore.  I know some of you might find the information useful but with Facebook, Twitter, MeetUp, and other sources, I think those who are seeking a networking event, Oktoberfest, or an event focused on a personal interest can find it pretty easily, which was not the case when the newsletter started.

I too am evolving(for better and worse) and am attending less events than I did in my 'prime' social years. With work keeping me busier than ever and still wanting to find time to enjoy days on the beach, chairlifts on the ski hill, concerts, etc... I find myself more interested in the evolvement/growth/improvements of Philadelphia as a city.

I tell people that I think of Philadelphia as a second tier city - we are not in the bright lights of a London, NYC, Tokyo, etc... I feel in those cities, things find you where in Philadelphia, we have many if not all the same general things - you just have to look harder here to find it.

When the newsletter started, the city had so many fewer options in terms of the bar scene, restaurants, and events. Just look this fall with all the different Oktoberfests and block parties - events that did not exist whenI arrived in Philly. I see the growth in Philly as a good thing on all levels but the city has so many issues such as our public schools, high poverty levels, and general filth. Note on our city: when I saw the new bike share program locations were announced, I thought to myself that Philadelphia will have more bike share locations than we do public trash cans. I think the bike share program is going to be an awesome addition for our city.

So the plan....I am going to try and bring what I perceive as value to you as readers. Information on our city - from articles that I find locally that I think would be of interest. For me as a full time real estate professional since 2005 (licensed Realtor, landlord, and investor/developer), I find it valuable for my clients and for my personal investing and partners to know what is happening (now and in the coming years) around town. Add in my love for our Philadelphia sports teams - I was raised all Philly despite growing up in Northern NJ because of parents who graduated from Camden High in the 1950s - and I thinkthe general content I hope to share with you will be of interest.

Lastly, over the years, I have enjoyed being able to add my personal commentary to some topics which I hope to be able to continue - always open to hearing other people's perspectives. At last count, the list was 2000+ recipients down from nearly 3,500 people (back when I was active socially and readers added their friends when they found value in the content - all new additions are welcome). The list of articles today is longer than usual since there has been such a long break between my email blast. I hope you find at least some of them worthy of at least reading ther headlines.

I look forward to any feedback you would like to share.


PS I am still going to send out some items that are 'special' events like ski trips or new years on ocassion and will be including links/video to items of personal interest (like skiing)


2) Mayor Nutter Signs Marijuana Decriminalization Bill : Starting October 20th, possession of small amounts of pot will be a civil offense.    (sounds great except for the 9 hours of community service that is possible)

3) Philadelphia Eagles Ranked 8th Most Expensive NFL Team for Fans

4) Eagles, Phillies Among Forbes’ Most Valuable Teams in the World

DID YOU KNOW?  Philadelphia is the nation’s eighth-ranked radio market.

5) Philadelphia has the worst drivers in the U.S., says report.

6) Flyers Ice Girls are coming back

7) Airline announces Philadelphia to Chicago flights

8) Mike Schmidt is auctioning off a bunch of memorabilia

9) Penn Study: Medical Marijuana Saves Lives

10) Atlantic City Promoting Shore Trips With ‘Toll Free Tuesdays’ in October

11) Is Breaking the Seal a Real Thing?

12) Upscale Food Delivery Service Launches In Philadelphia 

13) LONG profile of Chip Kelly

14) Penn State Ranked 12th-highest Money-maker in College Sports

15)  AC to get more live shows

16) The Philadelphia 76ers (NBA) have announced that their Sixers Dancers team will wear an exclusive outfit designed by fashion designer Nicole Miller. The Sixers Dancers Signature Dress will be unveiled October 22 at the Nicole Miller store in Philadelphia. (http://tinyurl.com/o5nc8yh

17) Study: Couples Who Smoke Marijuana Have Healthier Marriages

18) Philly bike share station locations revealed  (This is something that will change Philly dramatically for the better)

19)  Study: Be As Drunk Or As Sober As Your Spouse, And You're Good to Go 

20) Reading Terminal Market Named One Of The 10 Best Public Spaces In America

21) Spruce Street Harbor Park will pop up again next season

22) South Philly Acme Debuts Beer Cafe and Six-Pack Shop

23)  PA Liquor Control Board revenues rise to $2.24B, up $67M

24) Sunscreen - what it does to your face

25) Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board official urges price hike for wine, liquor (30% mark up on our liquor - going to 35%?  Why privatize?  To get rid of all the legacy costs associated with the state being the liquor supplier)

26) Feature: Reading Terminal Market  :: Get delivery from Reading Terminal Market in under an hour

 27) VIDEO OF THE WEEK : Don't Do Drugs

28) I-95 connection to PA Turnpike starts construction soon

29) Pier 53 is OPEN

30) Philly Ranked No. 10 Among America's Most Unhappy Cities

31) Philadelphia has 73 percent more outdoor cafés since 2010  (good news)

32) Top Five Infamous Booings in Philadelphia, (Why do we dislike Bettman in Philly?)

33) Old Photos of Philly

34)  OLDEST BAR IN Pennsylvania : Broad Axe Tavern -- Ambler, PA (Est. 1681)

35)  Free Amusement Park in PA (125 miles from Philly) 

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